Knock Out the Knock Offs

Romance Couture USA has an urgent warning for bargain buyers: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Knock-off dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud consumers. The counterfeit crisis has long plagued the fashion industry, but escalated with online purchasing. It’s also not an exclusive issue for brides; it’s a problem that crosses all lines of formal wear – including prom, pageantry and quinceañera. 


Romance Couture USA urges consumers to beware of counterfeits when online shopping.




Romance Couture USA offers the following tips to consumers:
  •  Find the designer’s website and utilize the “Store Locator” for a list of retailers authorized to sell their dresses. If the website/store is not listed, then beware that they are not selling true designer gowns.
  •  Websites use images of authentic designer dresses to lure unsuspecting buyers for that deep discount. Cropped photos could be an attempt to disguise copyrighted images. If the models’ heads are  cropped off in the advertised photos, the site likely may be using them without the designer’s permission.
  • The “Contact Us” page should provide a phone number and address (preferably within the U.S.), not just an email, for customer service. If the site has a phone number or address in China, that’s a red  flag. Some U.S. phone numbers merely forward calls overseas.
  •  In most cases, authorized retailers for designers cannot accept returns unless the merchandise has a factory defect. Beware of sites that claim you can return a dress for a full refund. 
  • Professional dress and bridal shops in the U.S. typically rely on a few key measurements, as specified on the designer’s size chart. 


How You Can Help Knock Out the Knock Offs


Romance Couture USA recommends that you exercise caution when purchasing dresses on the Internet or in shops, so that your dream dress does not become a dress disaster. If the website is not listed as an authorized retailer of Romance Couture USA, you could be purchasing a counterfeit dress. The dangers are high, as you could receive a dress of poor quality or no dress at all! We take pride in offering our dresses at affordable prices, but understand that in today's challenging economy, finding lower prices is important. But in the end, shopping for that killer deal could be more costly. To help Knock Out the Knock Offs we have comprised the below list of sites that we know to be counterfeit. Please cross reference when you are looking for the dress of your dreams and use our store locator for an authorized retailer near you. Also, you can use our tips in the article above to help identify counterfeit sites, as the list may not be fully comprehensive.



Although these sites are located in the
US, they have received quite a bit
of negative feedback for look a like/copy dresses from various known designers.







These sites below typically advertise on google
ads and are still active selling. Be very cautious!



AdasBridal.com AliExpress.com AmVogue.com AnaGowns.com DHGate.com DoraProm.com DressFirst.com DorrisWedding.com DressilyMe.com DressLily.com Dressale.com DylanQueen.com EllaGown.com EmilyGown.com EricDress.com Hebeos.com HeleneBridal.com iziDressSale.com JennyProm.com Jenjenhouse.com JuneBridals.com JJshouse.com JollyShe.com JuneBridals.com LalaMira.com LightInTheBox.com LoliPopDress.com MillyBridal.org PromLily.com QueenaBelle.com QueenOfVictoria.com RoseGal.com RoseWe.com RoseWholeSale.com SammyDress.com SevenGrils.com TBDress.com TideBuy.com VickyProm.com VictoriaProm.com

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